Goal: Successfully develop and implement the marketing initiatives and communication strategies consistent with the firm’s vision, goals, and client needs

Qualifications: 3-5 years of professional marketing experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Communications



  • Increase current value to market (work to build stronger brand awareness)
  • Grow non-consulting revenue (tools and training/certification program), increase value of services


  • Research market and create annual marketing plan
  • Quarterly or bi-monthly newsletter
  • Market and support quarterly educational events
  • Market and sell tool kit (online and via other websites) – includes e-delivery of strategic planning tools
  • Market and sell Internal Strategic Planner program (help organize and deliver to market)
  • Enhance branding of all current and develop new marketing materials, as needed
  • Manage company website, post to blog and Twitter
  • Help with surveys/customer interviews to measure vision, post-project to measure satisfaction; annually measure vision
  • Help executive to develop book – market research, case studies, publishing, marketing
  • Support “strategy” clients with market/customer research
  • Brand strategic planning tools and process
  • Perform competitor analysis, market research and segmentation
  • Conduct key client interviews (via phone)
  • Deliver online surveys and develop summaries

Skills:  Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photo Shop, Word Press (website), SEO, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey

Compensation: Hourly with a weekly commitment plus additional billable time (to support clients – as needed)

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