A strategic plan is nothing more than a book on a shelf if it’s not being implemented. That’s why our vision is 100% implementation – not just completion of the project with you. We bring our resources together and the holistic approach of strategy, culture and leadership to support your team.

Follow Your Roadmap to Success

We create a disciplined roadmap to guide you on the path to continued success. Working with our cultural guides at Transformational Leadership, we conduct a five-phase development process that includes:

  1. Discovery: Performing a variety of assessments, audits and analysis to give us the necessary data to inform action
  2. Foundation: Mapping out a plan using the discovery data and identifying training opportunities for leadership
  3. Strategy: Staking out a 3- to 5-year strategic plan and framing an overall vision that defines your company
  4. Implementation: Developing key performance indicators and a strategic scorecard to calculate the plan’s success
  5. Check-In: Providing continued coaching, scorecard analysis, and quarterly reviews, as needed


Defining Who You Are and Where You Need to Go

Partners in Change can help you determine where your company is right now in the strategy-company culture continuum. You need to know your company’s starting point so you can determine how far you’ll travel to reach your goals.


The “How” Is Just as Important as the “What”

Having an effective strategic plan is only one step in the process. That’s how Partners in Change is different from other consultants. We don’t guide you through formulating the plan and then leave you to execute it. We work with you to actually implement the strategy.

Where are you now? And where are you going? Download our High Performance Roadmap below and take a self-assessment to begin your journey.