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Our strategic plan facilitation services guide and assist your leadership team to develop outcomes and measurements for your company’s success. We help you focus your business on the most profitable areas through defined processes based on research and analysis, not “gut feel.” Our processes develop successful teams who build profitable companies. We also support the leadership team in strategic implementation and effective strategic management.

In a Client’s Words…

“I wanted to send a note of thanks for your overall facilitation and support yesterday. Not only with yesterday, but for all of your teaching, guidance, and direction over the past planning cycle and beyond. I truly believe that we can now say that we are fully incorporating our Strategy to achieve our Vision!”

– Chad Creech, Chief Development Officer, Alternate Solutions Healthcare


You will learn to:

  • Understand the core elements and tools of the strategic planning process
  • Share the organization’s key strategic decisions and focus areas
  • Collect input from the managers on key parts of the strategy
  • Link the strategy through the organization

Keys to Success

Successful strategic implementation and execution depends on open communication with opportunities for input. By sharing the plan and listening to feedback, your team leaders will commit to key decisions and barriers will be identified. Additionally, managers and employees will find their own connection to the strategy and be engaged in the strategic planning process.

Our facilitation services incorporate components of our Strategy in Motion training curriculum.