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Recently I heard a great message while quietly sitting in the church pew! It reminded me of the responsibility we have as leaders of our organizations. Thank you Chad, at Horizon Community Church, for making me think differently about the Laws of Leadership.

Rule #1: Leadership is Temporary.

This is a very interesting paradigm shift for most leaders. Most of us try to do whatever it takes to stay in a leadership position versus being bold and taking risks. You are there for a reason, based on your skills and experience, to move the organization forward. If you believe you are the forever answer, you may, in fact, hold the organization back.

Rule #2: Leaders are Accountable.

The same rules of the organization apply to all leaders. Often times, I see leaders who believe they are above the rules. Simple things like how you treat others, follow-through, and work ethic start with the leaders. If the behaviors don’t match the values, there is a problem.

Rule #3:  Leaders Must Develop Others.

If you believe Rule #1, then you know it is leadership’s responsibility to develop the next in line. When I worked at Procter & Gamble, it was my responsibility to have a back-up plan and to unofficially train my replacement. This was part of each employee’s personal development plan.

In “Great” organizations, leaders spend the majority of their time developing the next wave of leaders. This is real sustainability! If you are not following these three laws of leadership, then are you keeping your organization from reaching its full potential?